"The awesomely rostered Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records stands out with a
passion driven basis of quality and integrity."
-Metal Maniacs Magazine

Hunter S. Thompson once said that "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.". On the other end of the spectrum, Will Killingsworth from Clean Plate Records states on his web site, "If you want something sleek, professional, and glossy you are going to have to look elsewhere. There are no pretensions here, just a stupid label with some stupid records. If I were you, I'd find this honesty refreshing." I'd like to think that our philosophies on running a label exist somewhere near the fine line that separates Hunter Thompson's experiences in the corporate music industry and Will's refreshingly "who gives a shit" DIY attitude.

TDB Records has been active since 2003 when Jonah Livingston (Backstabbers Inc., Ramming Speed) dropped out of the music industry program at Northeastern University. Growing from humble aspirations, TDB has become an internationally rostered, solidly distributed, full time project based in Boston, MA. Joined in 2006 by Northeastern Political Science major Caitlin Kelly, the label has taken on the goals of not only releasing passionate and intense Metal and Hardcore music, but also keeping political, social, and environmental concerns a priority. We make every attempt to work with companies that have positive environmental practices, work with local artists, do benefit events, and generally pull our weight.

Though we aren't interested in helping anyone play giant Clear Channel venues or getting CD's into corporate music chains, If we can expose people to awesome bands and expose bands to awesome people then we're happy with where our time and effort is going. We appreciate your support and please get in touch if you'd like to talk about our records, music, or just life in general.

TDB Records is:
Jonah aka The Laser Storm: Main dude - Into 4 am breakfest sandwiches, fireworks, cuddling with babes, and touring.
-Rick Springfield

Caitlin aka Caitles: Head of West coast office - Voice of reason, way into pop punk and the Earth.

aka xKarlx: Mail order dude, general office helper - Into groceries and Iceland. Backed hard.
-I Adapt
-The Cromags?

aka Seabass: Mail order dude, general office helper - Into rollercoasters and sweet tone.

Coming Soon: Kallen!
*Any parties interested in helping out the label should email Jonah at

Non Record Releasing Stuff:

-A close to complete list of all the shows TDB Records has organized

-A couple of years ago I put on a event called Literacy Fest. Click to read more about it.

-For one year (Sept 2004- Sept 2005) I booked and ran the majority of the shows at a Boston basement venue called "The Library". While the doors on that space have long since been shut, the memory lives on with hundreds of touring bands whom destroyed our drop ceiling, ate our food, and suffered while crashing on our hardwood floors. r.i.p. library.

-In the past TDB has done benefit shows to support Food Not Bombs, New Orleans DIY artists, the former Brookline Community Center for the Arts, and the Prison Book Program. Before the last presidential election I did shows to promote Massachusetts Voter Registration. I would like to more of this type of thing and organizations or people in need of support are welcome to get in touch.