"The awesomely rostered Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records stands out
with a passion driven basis of quality and integrity."

-Metal Maniacs Magazine


After a year or so the TDB store is finally re-stocked with copies of FRUIT SALAD'S BLOOD POWER 7". Fucking fast sloppy charging thrashy hardcore to chug beer and run around your bedroom to. These dudes are touring Puerto Rico right now and doing TDB real proud. I only have 40 or so copies and these sold really fast last time, so don't wait around. www.TDBRECORDS.BIGCARTEL.COM to order!

In other news, RAMMING SPEED have been killing shit left and right. We're going to have SKATEBOARDS (no shit!) available in the coming weeks and there's some exciting news about a comp the band is being included on. I'll post more intel as it becomes more concrete. In the meantime the European tour is being booked any anyone that wants to help should get in touch with Andreas Thrash Bastard here: thrashxbastard @

Brainwreck got a sick review on HELLRIDEMUSIC.COM last week, check this bad girl out: "Tearing innards with the opening salvo of, “Speed Trials”, “The Threat…” and “Lazer Assault”; the band barely gives you a chance to catch a breath. Punk vitriol explodes in the punchy, up-tempo riff runs, but the blazing, rocked out solos and slaughtering dual licks call to mind the greatest thrash of days gone by. The band’s propulsive brick-in-the-face approach even locks down hard on a Motorhead-esque boogie, full of grit but nonetheless catchy and addictive... you’re gonna love this shit."

Thats all for now, thanks for tuning in, listen to slayer.


SOUL CONTROL - "Like Spiders" 7" single
After much delay from the pressing plant and then tons of struggling with Pay Pal the SOUL CONTROL "Like Spiders" pre-orders have all been mailed out. The record is currently available from the TDB webstore and the band on tour, thats it. Soon it will be added to the Revelation Distro and the XSentientX distro for all you Europeans. If there are any copies left after that I'll start making it available to other distros. Most likely there wont be many! I will start looking into a repress once the shelves finish emptying off in the TDB office. These dudes are still on their huge cross country tour, go check em out.

In other and MUCH more annoying news, I just found out that many orders recently have been getting deleted by my spam blocker. I have gone through and sorted out all the Soul Control pre-orders, so those are all taken care of, but if you ordered anything else and have not received it, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! I am obviously not trying to screw anyone, so if its been a few weeks, let me know and I'll make sure you get your records asap. Orders @

Ramming Speed are back in writing mode, working on a handful of tracks for split records and possibly a new EP. The band will be heading to Europe in June and hopefully the records will be ready for then. Look forward to a more furious crust and grind sound. Thrash is dead dude. Bum out. (JUST KIDDING THRASH RULES LUL).

Tides and Giant (who shared a killer split CD/LP that was released last year) are hitting the road together this spring. It's pretty rare to catch Tides on the move and Giant's ever changing live show is something never to be missed. I believe this is going to be in April and a full US run. As Mike Hill would say, I'll post more intel as it arrives.


I hate putting up preorders for records when I have no idea how long the pressing is actually going to take, but it looks like this is finally month or so away from completion. That said, muthah fuckin' SOUL CONTROL kid. Get into it. Providence is pissed.

To back up a little, the band announced a few months ago that they were doing a four 7" single series and this is the third one of them to be put up for pre order. The song on this record is "Like Spiders" and it features SC's patented choppy melodic riffage. The track is brimming with sincerity and rocks a sick half time part that’s guaranteed to move the pit hard.

Since I can never take the easy route, I put up three different packages for all you true vinyl warriors to choose from. For $12 the first 30 dudes to hop on this shit get the record on both colors with a TEST PRESS. Next up for $8 is the 7" on both colors (black and clear with black haze). And finally, in these tough financial times, I understand that not ever one wants a gold dipped 7" individually kissed by each band member. For those dudes (and please believe, I'm one of them) you can choose either color of the 7" for the classic punk rock price of $4.

Order now or be bummed on ebay later.

hile I was adding the SOUL CONTROL records to the TDB Webstore I decided to toss up package deals for some of my other records. Check out the "PARTY PACK" featuring COCTOPUS and RAMMING SPEED for the low price of $15 along with the "PIT PACK" with DIE YOUNG and DRAW BLOOD for only $12.50!

I don't have anything witty to say regarding economic stimulus, but if you want to waste money on shitty music this is the best time to do it.

-Jonah Bloodbath

9.22.08 - RAMMING SPEED "Brainwreck" Out Now / Updates on TDB Roster

What stinks of beer, has 10 legs, and has more hair then black flag in their hippy faze? RAMMING SPEED DOES. I’m proud to announce that BRAINWRECK, the debut CD from the Boston thrash troupe is OUT NOW. RS are hitting the road from September 19th through November 7th to support the record and will be spending the 7 weeks ripping through the entire USA. Of course nothing ever goes off without a hitch…master shredder Kallen “Flowers” Bliss will be missing the first month of tour due to ass surgery (I wish I was kidding) and in his place Derek “The bass player” Cloonan will be stepping up to the task of second guitar. But who is playing bass you ask? None other then Phil “I’m still on probation from the last Ramming Speed US tour” (I still wish I was kidding). You may know Phil from such bands as Bones Brigade and Coctopus. Last time this maniac filled in for a band it was with fucking Cut the Shit in Europe. Home boy learned 18 songs before even playing a note with the rest of the band when he touched down in the MIDDLE of their Euro tour. In any case, he plays the same bass as Lemmy. Also, he rips, and so will this tour. Party to this CD before all your friends do.

“Fans of classic acts like Napalm Death, Slayer, Discharge, and Testament and time-tested activities like eating pizza and drinking beer will find a lot of good times in Ramming Speed's amalgam of thrash, grindcore, and punk. If you're going to revive old musical styles and pay homage to the classics, you better make it feel authentic and you better make it entertaining. And luckily, Ramming Speed has done just that.” –

Tour dates at:
As previously announced, in the coming months four labels are coming together to each release a Soul Control single. Last year Soul Control put out one of the most refreshing hardcore CD’s I’ve heard in a super long time with their Involution disc. This year TDB is extremely privileged to press a one sided 7” single for the new song “Like Spiders”. I don’t have any pressing info yet (besides that it’s going to be around 500 copies), but I’m talking to a couple of different plants to get the best price and sickest color. Stay tuned and check these dudes on tour in the coming months.

Die Young (TX), a band that has toured harder then almost any other hardcore act in recent years are unfortunately gearing up to throw in the towel. Obviously road dogs like this wouldn’t go out with a whimper, they go out with a tour. Dudes will be doing a small handful of US shows and a European tour before calling it quits. I still have copies of their last LP on BOTH colors which you can pick up either from the band or from the TDB site (

Tour dates here:

Engineer, who have maintained a relatively low profile as of late, are working on new material and taking booking offers.

Get in touch here:

Tides, a band that writes music as slowly as they perform it, have been crafting new songs for the first time in over a year. They have two or three new ones and will be entering the studio in a couple of weeks to start laying down demos. All I can say is look forward to some darker angrier shit from a band that has made a name writing beautifully crafted, pensive jams. This shit seriously rules and if you’ve caught them lately your neck definitely still hurts.
Boston hardcore punkers Fruit Salad have a new video up on Youtube which is a mishmash of songs from their TDB 7” Bloodpower.

You can check that out here:


Coctopus are going to begin demoing new material and allegedly start booking tour dates outside New England in the near future. We’ll believe it when we see it. Blake now lives in New York, so I’d keep an eye out for anything made of glass and a side show bob looking dude at upcoming tri state house parties.

Hats and Glasses have changed line ups once again. This time instead of switching up guitar players, the band have decided to give up completely on a third member. Drummer/singer/keyboard player Elliott Chaffee has moved from his seated position to become a 6 string slayer and the band now use a tape loaded with drum beats and keyboard bleeps as the backing band. Supriya Gunda still lays down the heaviness on bass and the duo have been leaving the Boston indie scene scratching it’s head and shaking it’s butt. Check their myspace page for mostly local shows in the coming weeks.
That’s all for now folks, thanks for sticking with me! I have no idea what the end of 2008 will hold for TDB, but hopefully its selling records, cause that shit hasn’t really been happening lately. Come say what’s up to me on the Ramming Speed tour!

7.6.08 - SOUL CONTROL Join TDB Records family
Soul Control are a hardcore band based out of Providence Rhode Island. I like them a lot, and in a nice turn of events, will be helping release a 7". Here's the official word from the band:

Friday, July 4, 2008
Soul Control to Release Four 7" Project
Soul Control will be heading into The Getaway Group with Jay Maas on July 16th to record 4 brand new songs. Each song will be released on a 1song/1sided 7", each on a different label. The covers of all 4 records will come together to form one larger image. The following labels will be releasing one 7" each and will be handling their own pre-orders/orders:

Triple B Records -
Teenage Disco Bloodbath (TDB) Records -
Hex Records -
Dead But Dreaming Records (aka RichG) -

First pressings of each will be about 500 copies and each label will be deciding how many/what colors etc etc. When we have final order info we'll post it in our blog.

We came up with this idea while on tour in June and we're very excited that things are working out how we envisioned. Everything is moving swiftly and the records should be out rather quickly (barring unforeseen circumstances).

We will be doing some touring in support of the 7" Project starting in August into September. Dates/Info will be available when we have it. Unfortunately, due to the ever popular (unpopular) financial woes, we were forced to cancel our European Tour which was supposed to happen in August. We'll do what we can to try and make it back overseas this year. We'll use the time wisely and will be doing a lot more touring in the US and we'll write and record the first proper full length.


With as much fanfare as a web update can possibly muster, I am extremely proud to announce that ENGINEER’s The Dregs 12” is OUT NOW. This record is incredibly powerful and matched with new artwork and ultra heavy vinyl. I couldn’t be happier with the release. Record collectors and fans of heavy music in general should rejoice over this epic slab of noisecore. 10 tracks of animosity and rage, dripping with distortion, reverb and backed by a thunderous rhythm section.

As a quick recap:
-180 Gram vinyl
-Translucent orange with black haze wax
-Heavy upgraded cardboard covers with full color and spot gloss printing
-Full color insert
-Enough intensity to break your record player in half

$11, on sale now. Don't fear the reaper.


4.23.08 -

Well, this isn't much of an announcement, but for anyone curious, the ENGINEER preorders were put online and sold out less then 48 hours later. The release date for the record was going to be the second week in May, but seeing as I have them already, I'm going to send out the preorder packages as soon as I get the limited Tshirts in, and get the records out to stores a week later and online. So basically, this will be coming out asap.

In an effort to do some spring cleaning in my office, I'm doing cheap package deals on some of the TIDES records. Obviously this band rules, and obviously if you like one of there records, you'll like them all. Help me clear some space and pick up cheap music while the sale lasts! In the coming weeks I'll be adding more packages to the webstore that will include deals for all my LPs, 7"s and more. I'm honestly not sure how long I'll leave these up for, but it wont be indefinite, I know that much, so buy while the buyin' is good.



As you may have noticed entering this site, the new TIDES/GIANT split CD is OUT NOW. This project has been in the works for over a year and represents the collaboration of two great bands and two solid labels. Co-released with Level Plane records this CD is in stores all over the country (world?) and probably has better distribution* than anything I've done so far. Its really exciting to have stayed working with Tides for all these years now and watch them step things up to the next level. On the same note, Its wonderful to work with Giant for the first time, a band made up of truly good people passionate about the music they create.

The packaging was done by Stumptown Printers (the same people that did the Perth Express package) and once again it looks great. All black and red with letter pressed text on the cover and back cover. The recordings are both extremely lush and deep sounding. All in all, front to back, I think we hit it out of the park with this one. Check it out.

*Note: I just heard that this record is available in Target stores (as well as other large chains I'm sure). I just want it to be known that I personally had nothing to do with this and strongly believe in supporting independent businesses over large corporations whenever given the opportunity. Its rad you can buy this CD anywhere, but remember to support the little guy!

In other news, I got the Engineer records in and they're fucking FANTASTIC looking. Easily the most ambitious packaging I've done to date. I'm putting together an extra special pre-order package together which will ship out in about 3-4 weeks. For a hint of what's to come click here!
Perth Express' Discography has been getting phenomenal reviews in the music press (who really took there time with this one, haha). Some of the better ones include Decibel, Outburn, and Maximum Rock n Roll. Click here to read them! Also, Europeans should look forward to a review in the new Rock Sound magazine. Coincidentally I've been shelling out tons of cash for ads in these zines, so make sure you glance at those.

Lastly, Ramming Speed just finished recording and mixing a new full length entitled “Brainwreck”. It is currently undecided weather or not I'll put it out, but we'll see! Its a ripper regardless. The band will be doing a month long tour in July with RVA's Battlemaster to support the record and will also be bringing along a yet to be recorded split 7” (also with Battlemaster, to be released by TDB). Busy busy! Hopefully the Burning the Prospect vs Ramming Speed 7” will be out by this time as well, but we'll see. I'll post tour dates sometime in the near future, but in the meantime check the myspace page or the offial website ( for updates.

Over and out,

Boston thrash metalers Ramming Speed are heading out for a two week east coast tour this week. The band who just finished demoing 12 new songs will then be heading into New Alliance in Cambridge, MA to record their debut full length. In meantime, a follow up to the 2007's “Full Speed Ahead” 7” will be released on TDB Records this winter in the form of a split 7” with English crust devastators Burning The Prospect. Look out for that record around March.

While just missing the holidays RAMMING SPEED now has t-shirts and hoodies for sale on the TDB webstore. Click the photos above this for more info.

Ramming Speed “Push me into the pool” '08 winter tour:
1/4 Pawtucket, Rhode Island @ The Metal Mansion (w/Tides)
1/5 New Brunswick, New Jersey @ The Pop Off
1/6 Richmond, Virginia @ Rumor Boutique (w/Battlemaster)
1/7 Raleigh, North Carolina @ Volume 11 (w/Battlemaster)
1/8 Atlanta, Georgia @ HELP!
1/9 Tallahassee, Florida @ The Shit Shack
1/10 Gainesville, Florida @ TBA
1/11 Tampa Bay, Florida @ Transisions Art Gallery at Skatepark of Tampa
1/12 Orlando, Florida @ Conway House
1/13 Columbia, South Carolina @ The 112
1/14 Blacksburg, Virginia @ The Lodge
1/15 Baltimore, Maryland @ The Talking Head
1/16 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ The Pizza Pit
1/17 Albany, New York @ Valentines (downstairs)

In other news, the Hats and Glasses record is out now and available with all of our records at NEWBURY COMICS. Here's some info on the band and EP:

A bit of a departure, TDB Record’s newest act Hats and Glasses play a brand of jangly indie rock that is as eclectic as it is nostalgic. Recalling the harmonies of The Beatles and the raw stomp of The Ramones, all three members of the band pull their weight sharing lead vocal duties. Add to the mix foot tapping drum patterns, poppy guitar jabs, off-kilter keyboard runs, distorted bass and these Bostonians end up with music that is refreshingly memorable and dancey.

The record comes on thick clear vinyl housed inside a 4 color hand silk screened cover. Click HERE for more info and music.

For the first time ever I have TDB Records T-SHIRTS available. The front has the classic TDB Records horror looking logo and the back has "PUSH ME INTO THE POOL". Click the image of it at the top of the page for more info. These are $8 online and I'll give them to you cheaper if you corner me in person. Look like you know whats up for less then $10 bucks.

After spending at least three or four months at the pressing plant, this morning twenty boxes of Coctopus records arrived at the snowey door step of TDB HQ. The artwork is stunning, the etching is flawless, and most importantly, this thing shreds the hardest. Here’s some info on the band:

When skate thrash titans Bones Brigade, and Misfits-worshiping punks Shanghai Valentine broke up, something was already brewing in the steamy waters of Boston Harbor. Two members from each band have come together to form Coctopus, a troupe that sonically embodies two decades worth of rock history. Ripping guitar solos, epic harmonies, wah wah-ed bass lines, and raging drum-fills bubble to the surface on Coctopus’ debut record. Fans of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Jimmy Hendrix should all take note. The musical virtuosity this band displays is only rivaled by the pure balls-out rock they create.

The new record, entitled “12 Inches of…” is a one sided LP with an etching on the B side. Full color artwork and quality vinyl by Erika Records.

In other news, while waiting for the the Coctopus record to materialize I've also been stressing over this fairly lackluster and out dated site. One web designer took a crack at a new site and failed miserably (dude still owes me money actually). Eventually I gave it a shot and didn't have much luck either. In the meantime I decided to set up a temporary webstore where you can purchase all my releases along with a few distro items. All in all it looks pretty good and seems to work great. Check out TDBRECORDS.BIGCARTEL.COM and let me know what you think!

Last and certainly least, Ramming Speed are going to hit the road in January for a two week east coast tour. Seeing as I play in the band, expect mail order to be fairly slow during the first half of the month. Actually, forget about mail order, come see us live and pick up all the TDB records your heart desires from our distro! Here are dates and locations for this little jaunt:

Friday 1/4/2008 Providence, RI
Saturday 1/5/2008 New Brunswick, NJ
Sunday 1/6/2008 Richmond, VA
Monday 1/7/2008 Durham, NC
Tuesday 1/8/2008 Atlanta/Augusta, GA
Wednesday 1/9/2008 Tallahassee, FL
Thursday 1/10/2008 Gainesville, FL
Friday 1/11/2008 Tampa, FL
Saturday 1/12/2008 Orlando, FL
Sunday 1/13/2008 Columbia, Sc
Monday 1/14/2008 Blacksburg, VA
Tuesday 1/15/2008 DC/Baltimore
Wednesday 1/16/2008 Philadelphia, PA
Thursday 1/17/2008 Albany, NY
Friday 1/18/2008 Home, booooring.

Check out the band's myspace for more info

Have a safe and happy holiday and remember to use all that cash grandma gives you to buy tons of great music from local DIY bands and labels!


-Perth Express, as I've said before on here, are easily one of the most refreshing metal/hardcore bands I've heard in ages. They write humongous riffs that weave between crusty brutality and metal flair with Dave Witte-esque drumming and furious vocals. I can't stop listening to this beast and I'm this close to putting a money back guarantee on here. The point being, weather or not I released this record, I'd be writing somewhere about how fucking mind blowing it is. Click here for mp3s and ordering.

-Ramming Speed, while being a totally different animal, are also a rad metal band. Its actually MY rad metal band, so, you know, I can't get too melodramatic here. That said, anyone who is into partying, pizza, cheap beer, Anthrax, pools, circle pits, DRI, pointy guitars and the scene from Ace Ventura with Cannibal Corpse, should probably stop beating around the bush and buy copies of this for all their friends. Its the feel good record of the summer and its just dying to shred your turn table. Pressed on heavy black/red split vinyl with a gnarly full color cover of a dude running against the hand of opposition. Mp3 and ordering is here!

-The debut Coctopus LP is currently at the pressing plant and should be back in a month or so. Sorry for the hold up on that one.

-In closing, there's a band you haven't heard of called Hats and Glasses. We're going to help release a 10” by them pretty soon and before you know it your little sister is going to be wearing the t-shirt and going to their shows and you're going to have to sneak into her room to listen to this cause you slept on picking it up. Remember the Beatles? Lock them in a practice space for 8 hours with 10 tabs of acid, a pound of weed, a ton of tiny amps and a Burzem tape. This band is going to be huge and this record is going to sell out faster then you can say “Albini”.

7.29.07 - PERTH EXPRESS CD and tour with TRAP THEM
Following in the path of bands like His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Mastodon, and Baroness, PERTH EXPRESS step the genre up to a new level of intensity and songwriting. Carting riffs so mammoth they'll barley fit on a plane, the German band landed in the States yesterday to begin their very first US tour. The trip supports a discography CD being released on TDB Records next week. It features the band's 12”, 10”, 7” and demo, all of which were previously unreleased in the States. The 23-track monster of a record is housed in a black recycled cardboard case with a hand silk-screened gold ink interior. The band's tour will last three weeks and is alongside Trap Them (Deathwish Inc., Trash Art). Any and all fans of ultra-heavy hardcore and crusty metal should take note: this band is without a doubt the future of underground music.

An mp3 from the record has been posted on the TDB Records myspace page

7/29 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Mall
7/30 Chicago, IL @ Shaman Records House
7/31 Milwaukee, WI @ The breakfast Nook
8/1 Minneapolis, MN @ New Grenada
8/2 Des Moines, IA @ First Cup Cafe
8/3 St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts Center
8/4 Indianapolis, IN @ House Show
8/5 Louisville, KY @ The Brick House w/Black Cross, Prideswallower
8/6 Richmond, VA @ Nara w/ Ultra Dolphins
8/7 Greenville, NC @ The Spazzatorium Galleria
8/8 Philadelphia, PA @ The Waiting Room w/ The Minor Times, The Network
8/9 Syracuse, NY @ The Westcott, Community, Center
8/10 Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston
8/11 Brooklyn, NY @ ABC No Rio (Matinee show)
8/11 Amherst, MA @ Mercy House w/Wasteland (Night show)
8/12 Providence, RI @ TBA
8/13 Brookline, MA @ Washington St VFW Hall w/ Tides
8/14 Off
8/15 Buffalo, NY @ The Last Stand
8/16 Parma, OH @ the Davenport
8/17 Dearborn, MI @ Refuge Skate Shop w/Spitting Cobra

Whats up dudes! I'm currently on a full US tour with my newest band RAMMING SPEED and I wanted to pop on here to let ya'll know. While I'm gone I have a couple of friends helping out with the mail order, but please be patient! If its been two or three weeks and you haven't recieved your order yet, LET ME KNOW! Until that point just hang in there. If you can't wait, then feel free to pick up records from one of my distros (all of which are undoubtedly faster at mail order then I am). You can check them out on the orders page.

Now that I have that out of the way, COME HANG OUT! We're out for 6 weeks and doing a full circle of the country. Check out the RAMMING SPEED myspace to see the full list of where we're playing. Party on world.


After an excruciating wait, GRAVEN IMAGES by DIE YOUNG (TX) is finally out on vinyl! The records look absolutely stunning and I couldn't be more pleased. Click here to see my beautiful girlfriend showing off the colored vinyl and artwork! You can buy the album right over here for $11 plus shipping.

In other news, Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records will be releasing records this summer for two of Boston's most raging party metal bands: COCTOPUS and RAMMING SPEED.

When skate thrash titans Bones Brigade, and Misfits-worshiping punks Shanghai Valentine broke up, something was already brewing in the steamy waters of Boston Harbor. Two members from each band have come together to form Coctopus, a troup that sonically embodies two decades worth of rock history. Ripping guitar solos, epic harmonies, wah wah-ed bass lines, and raging drum-fills bubble to the surface on Coctopus' debut record. Fans of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Jimmy Hendrix should all take note. The musical virtuosity this band displays is only rivaled by the pure balls-out rock they create.

The new record, entitled “12 Inches of...” will be a one sided LP/CD package with an etching on the B side. We are aiming for a July release and the band will be doing a US tour, followed by a UK tour, before '07 is up. One of the songs from the record has been posted on the TDB MySpace:

Along with Coctopus, Boston's Ramming Speed are busting onto the metal scene this summer. The band premiers with a four song 7” entitled “Full Speed Ahead” and a 6 week US tour to support it. Comprised of members from Death/Thrash bands Inheritance and Cyanide Breed and crust grinders Backstabbers Inc., Ramming Speed play an amalgam of 80's Anthrax-style thrash metal, grind, and ultra-fast hardcore. These party animals will wolf a pizza, down a 30 rack, and still shred some of the sickest solos this side of San Fransisco Bay.

If you can help with tour dates please contact the band via: FunnyPens.Info (which also has two of the tracks from the 7")

The Ramming Speed “Top of the Dude Chain” Tour '07:
6/8 Amherst, Massachusetts @ Deathamphetamine House
6/9 Albany, New York @ Valentines
6/10 Backstabbers Inc. play in Syracuse
6/11 New Jersey @ TBA
6/12 New York, NY @ The Wreck Room
6/13 Philly/Baltimore @ HELP!
6/14 DC @ HELP!
6/15 Richmond/Virginia Beach @ HELP!
6/16 Blacksburg, VA @ The Brodello
6/17 Raleigh, NC @ Gss House
6/18 Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery/Skate Park of Tampa
6/19 Daytona, FL @ HELP!
6/20 Tallahassee, FL @ HELP!
6/21 Huntsville, AL @ TBA
6/22 Chattanooga, TN @ Utopia
6/23 Memphis, TN @ TBA
6/24 Baton Rouge, IL @ 831 Violet St.
6/25 Austin, TX @ Red Seven?
6/26 Dallas, TX @ HELP!
6/27 Las Cruces, NM @ The Farm
6/28 Albuquerque, NM @ La Casa Del Soldado Del Diablo
6/29 Tucson, AZ @ TBA
6/30 Phoenix, AZ @ HELP!
7/1 Las Vegas, NV @ Community of Friends
7/2 Long Beach/LA, CA @ HELP!
7/3 San Fransisco, CA @ TBA
7/4 Oakland, CA @ HELP!
7/5 Sacramento, CA @ HELP!
7/6 Portland/Seattle, WA @ HELP!
7/7 Boise, ID @ The Myrtle Morgue
7/8 OFF
7/9 Denver, CO @ Monkey Mania
7/10 Lincoln, NE @ TBA
7/11 Lawrence, KS @ The Haunted Kitchen
7/12 Missouri @ HELP!
7/13 St Louis, MI @ HELP!
7/14 Chicago, IL @ La Casa Matilda
7/15 Milwaukee @ HELP!
7/16 Indianapolis @ HELP!
7/17 Columbus, OH @ Legion of Doom
7/18 Pittsburgh, PA @ ? w/ COCTOPUS
7/19 Philadelphia, PA @ ? w/ COCTOPUS
7/20 New York, NY @ ? w/ COCTOPUS
7/21 Boston, MA @ ? w/ COCTOPUS


We are proud to announce the addition of DIE YOUNG (TX) to the TDB roster with the vinyl release of the new album "GRAVEN IMAGES". Spreading their brand of socially and politically conscious hardcore like a virus, DIE YOUNG (TX) have made it a point to not only tour the US constantly, but also touch the farther corners of the world. The band has packed DIY shows all across North America (Canada and Alaska included), as well as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. It was this arduous touring and the bands furious and impassioned beliefs that lead to this release on TDB. We are so excited to be involved in the future of DIE YOUNG (TX), and the new record honestly sounds something like a fire-breathing Brian Catharsis fronting Integrity, which rules.

Lyrically, "GRAVEN IMAGES" is one of the most intense bullets shots from the heart of the hardcore scene in some time. Railing heavily against the imperialism, hypocrisy, and religion of Western government and culture, Daniel Die Young sounds like he's using his last breaths to warn mankind of oncoming disaster. In these grim times, DIE YOUNG (TX) is a band proudly working towards change and waving flags of defiance before a world bent on its own demise.

The record itself will be released on two colors of vinyl (White splatter on Blue vinyl & Blue splatter on White vinyl) with a limited edition pre-order package available on the TDB Myspace page ( in the coming weeks. We are shooting for a late April 2007 release. Check for more info.

The CD version of GRAVEN IMAGES will be available from Eulogy Records and other releases from the band can be purchased from Double or Nothing Records, Surprise Attack Records, and Immigrant Sun Records.

mp3: To Forget Civilization
Moving on, TIDES AND ENGINEER (Both of which are TDB artists!) are heading out together for two weeks in April. These bands are so creative and passionate about what they do, this is a tour not to be slept on. Anyone interested in helping with or attending these shows can check the current schedule on the TIDES MYSPACE PAGE.

The new ENGINEER LP along with the upcoming TIDES/GIANT split CD will both be out this summer on TDB Rex. I hope your all as excited as I am.


It wouldn't be a TDB release without pressing plant issues, but as always, we are PSYCHED to announce that the newest release LOW from NO IDOLS is FINALLY out on LP, if not a month or two later then scheduled. This record is devastatingly pissed and deserved to be heard by anyone into raging creative hardcore. The LP is $10 + shipping and you can pick it up here. Its pressed onto two colors of limited wax, so get it while its hot! For those vinyl maniacs out there, send me an email and I'll cut you a deal on both colors: Orders at

Moving on, In what has honestly been the most perfect progression of a relationship between a label and a band, I am proud and excited to announce that Syracuses' ENGINEER have joined the TDB Records roster. I've been booking shows for this band in Boston for two or three years now and have seen them level a crowd more times then I can count. The dudes have always been nothing but a blast to hang out with and its awesome to now be working with them on the recording front and not just the live one. Here's the press release they just sent out:

Engineer set to record new album
Saturday, February 03, 2007
Engineer will enter Moresound Studios in Syracuse, NY tomorrow to record a new full-length, titled "The Dregs." Black Market Activities will release the album this spring (Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records will handle the vinyl release). The band has released the following statement:

"Although it seems soon to have another full-length written and recorded within a year of our last record being released, we still can't manage to 'sit still' for very long. A couple months after we're done recording our most recent works, we're all always flooded with ideas for the next record. 'The Dregs' will be darker, more powerful, and contain some of the fastest songs we have yet to churn out."

In closing, I'd like to thank everyone that wrote all the beautiful letters of concern. Luckily I made it out alive from the Mooninite Attack of '07, but not everyone in Boston was so lucky. My hearts go out to those lost. -Jonah

12.27.06 - Fruit Salad!
AT LONG LAST Fruit Salad's first solo 7", BLOOD POWER is back from the plant and ready for the thrashers of the world. Featuring 9 tracks of blinding speed, rippin riffs and positive skate mosh crammed onto slimy green vinyl. Fans of Spazz, Charles Bronson, 625 thrash, Hit Me Back etc etc take note! Recorded by Will Dandy (Orchid, Ampere, Bones Brigade) at Dead Air and masterd by Nick Zampiello (Terror, The Red Chord, Isis) at New Alliance East. Artwork done by Providence, RI's Gunsho. Thanks for waiting so long!

Mp3: Not Fit For Nothing

Available for $4 + shipping here

10.14.06 - Back Home
PHEW! Finally an update! My band and I just spent a month touring Europe and it was the most incredible experience of my life. I have so many stories and met so many people its hard to know where to start. In any case, I'm back home and beginning to re-organize my label. It looks like I'm going to have two new staffers helping out, but we're still ironing out the details.

I plan on doing a lot of work with this website and might end up over hauling the whole thing. At the very least I'll be updating all the band pages and hopefully putting my distro on here as well. In the meantime hang tight and please for the love of god keep ordering shit! I appreciate all the support and need it more then ever so I can keep putting out records.

Expect another update in a few days with exciting news on the next two TDB records!

8.15.06 - I'm going on tour, Orders will be delayed!
Hey whats up everyone, I'm going on tour to Europe with my band Backstabbers Inc. This means that any orders placed AFTER TODAYS DATE wont be sent out until I get home in a month. Please keep this in mind! Any order placed before today will be sent out before I leave. Thanks for understanding and wish us luck! Tour dates are here for anyone interested: Trap Door Tourz

7.3.06 - Tides leaving me
I've written and re-written this news update a few times now and I just keep getting carried away with myself (I'm in a weird emotional state, I'll be honest). That in mind I'm going to try and keep this short. This afternoon Tides left the house where they and I have been living together to embark on their first US tour. The boys rigged up their van to run on veggie oil instead of gas and will be frying their way across the country for the next 60 days. I'm so so so fucking proud of all the work they've done and can't wait to hear about the reactions as they make their way through out the states. Please go out and show your support (tour dates: here), as they need it financially and mentally very badly. Also check out all the beautiful merch they've come up with and hand made.

Speaking of merch they band will have two (sort of) new records to hawk. First off is a re-pressing of Resurface with updated packaging. This album is fucking seminal and If you don't own it your missing out on one of the best records in its genre. Second off, they'll soon be receiving a German import pressing of From Silence on 12" vinyl with a one sided etching. This is going to be super limited in the states and anyone interested in the band shouldn't miss a beat on picking it up. A few copies will go out to my distributors (revelation, relapse, very, century media etc), but for the most part it wont end up in many stores. The band will have copies on tour, and I'll have a chunk to sell on this site. For everyone over seas, pick it up directly from the label itself:

Thats all I got for now, but look forward to some really exciting fucking news as per the next slew of TDB releases and "signings". coming soon! Thanks!

6.21.06 - Tides Tour
Check the front page of this site for all their dates. If you can help with any of the missing shows email Tides @ Helll YEAH! I'll elaborate more later..

6.4.06 - We fucked up!
A small number of people have not recieved orders that they placed over a month ago. We are working to figure out why this happened and what we can do to keep it from happening. In any case, I'm REALLY sorry to anyone thats been waiting. If your one of these people and you haven't already, drop me a line and I'll take care of it right away. Orders at

5.4.06 - Tides Tour, Fruit Salad Records and the Revelation Banner
have been hard at work mapping out their first US tour. They will be out from June 30th to August 25th trying to cover as much of the country as possible and while they have some rad shows already booked, they still need a lot of help. Head over to their myspace page to check out the dates and if you or someone you know can offer help with a show, drop them a line at Tides AT!

The art for the new Fruit Salad 7" entitled "Blood Power" is being handled by James "Gunsho" Quigley and the music is going to be mastered by the one and only Nick Zampiello (Isis, Red Chord, Doomriders etc) in a couple weeks. We're pushing to get this out ASAP so keep your ears peeled.

Lastly you might notice a Revelation Records banner at the top of this page. No, I haven't started selling ads for this site, that would be a bum out. However, Rev have been really supportive of TDB in a number of ways including putting my banner on their site, so this is just me returning the favor. Thanks rev!

3.12.06 - From Silence OUT NOW!

I've been getting emails for the last month asking me when this was going to be out and the day is finally here! The 20 minute epic "From Silence" EP by TDB Recording artists Tides is out now! Head over to the Tides page to order your copy. Help support my label by grabbing one of these bad boys and help support Tides' upcoming tour by buying a shirt. I'm going to talk to the band and see if we can work out a combo deal or something, but in the meantime, feel free to get in touch if your ordering more then one Tides item.

2.22.06 - Tides Record Release Show!
The record release show for "From Silence" is scheduled for March 11th at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA. Click here to purchase tickets or go to for more info.

2.20.06 - Tides Update
Last week Boston, MA instru-metalers Tides announced the addition of second guitar player Tim Fickeisen to the band. "The kid worked hard, he learned the songs. He wants to do it...We finally sound like we should" says bassist Donny Green. With the new member also comes the loss of one. Benny Nelson who does electronics and samples will be leaving the band to concentrate more on his solo projects and school.

Tides' second CD, a 3 song, 20 minute EP, entitled "From Silence" will be coming out March 7th on TDB Records and the release show is scheduled for March 11th at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA. Also playing are Gregor Samsa and Apse. The CD was recorded in August 2005 by Ethan Dussault (Cave In, Garrison, We're All Gonna Die) and mastered by Nick Zampiello (The Red Chord, Cave In, Isis) both at New Alliance in Boston.

One of the three tracks can be found on the bands myspace:

Following the record release the band will be touring for a large chunk of the summer. The tentative schedule is below and anyone that can help with a show should email Tides@

Tour dates:
30 - Providence RI

1 - East Hampton MA
2 - Portland ME
3 - NH
4 - Burlington VT
5 - Plattsburgh NY
7- Albany NY
8 - Syracuse NY
9 - Scranton NY
10 - NYC
11 - Phily PA
12 - Pittsburgh PA
13 - Cleveland OH
14 - Columbus OH
15 - Indianapolis IN
16 - Chicago IL
17 - Des Moines IA
18 - Denver CO
19 - Salt Lake City UT
21 - Seattle WA
22 - Portland OR
23- Eugene OR
24 - Sacramento CA
25 - San Francisco CA
26 - Fresno CA
27 - Ventura CA
28 - Los Angeles CA
29 - San Diego CA
30 - Phoenix AZ
31 - New Mexico

2 - Oklahoma
3 - Little Rock AR
4 - Texas
5 - Texas
6 - Texas
7 - Lafayette LA
8 - Jackson TN
9 - Memphis TN
10- Saint Louis MO
11- Nashville TN
12 -Atlanta GA
14 - Gainesville FL
15 - Tampa FL
16 - Jacksonville FL
17 - Savanna GA
18 - North Carolina
19 - North Carolina
20 - D.C.
21 - Baltimore MD
22 - Philadelphia PA
23 - NYC

1.16.06 - Year of the Bloodbath
For immediate release: TDB to destroy all weak ass falseness in the new year!

3. TIDES - "FROM SILENCE" CD EP - OUT VERY SOON (The recording and artwork are finished!)

5. WHAT NEXT?! ...Who knows, but it'll rule.

Thanks to those that have stuck with me for the first year or two of this label. The pace of things has been was faster then I ever expected, and I never thought I'd sell this many records. The support of all you kids on the Internet has been huge In helping me have enough money for my next releases, so thank you. Thanks to my friends for putting up with my bullshit and helping stuff records and run shows. Thanks to the TDB bands for putting up with things not running on schedule, and thanks to all of the awesome people I've met on tour for giving advice, booking shows, or giving me a floor to sleep on.

Party on and stay in touch,
-Jonah Bloodbath

11.27.05 - I'm back!
Just updating to let everyone know that I'm back in Boston and will be filling orders as fast as I can. Thank you for your patience!

1. Tides T-shirts
2. Status of upcoming releases
3. I'm goin on tour! (Orders placed in Nov wont be filled until Dec!)

1. Tides T-Shirts
You can now buy Tides shirts direct from the TDB website. Go to the order section and scroll down. There's pictures of both shirts and you have the choice of Brown or Black (the black design is sweat shop free).

2. Status of upcoming releases
TDB 006: As long as we're all living, we're all dying/The hound 7": I have the records and I should have the artwork TOMORROW! If this happens then I'll mail out all the pre-orders wednesday morning. Mp3s from both bands can be found in the Bands section of this site.

TDB 007: Draw Blood "Rowdyism" 7": Due to normal delays in the pressing process this wont be out till mid November (sorry!). An mp3 from the record can be found here:

TDB 008: Tides - untitled EP (!): You heard it here first folks, TDB is slated to release the next Tides CD, a 3 song 20 minute EP of new material. If you liked what you heard on Resurface, then this is going to bash your skull in. I am aiming to have this out before December. You can hear one of the three new tracks on the bands myspace page:

TDB 009: Fruit Salad 7": The band is most likely going to enter the studio to record this opus sometime in November or early December.

3. I'm goin on tour!
I'm going on tour with Backstabbers Inc. and won't have as much time to answer emails, or do any mail order. This in mind, PLEASE bare with me! I obviously have a lot of stuff coming up so even if the website isn't being updated all the time, that doesn't mean shit isn't going on! I'll be back at the end of November and I'll be pretty hard to find until then. If you need to reach me about a mail order question or anything else thats important and time sensitive, write me an email at Jonah at and put URGENT in the subject line. Any orders placed during November wont be filled until I get home (end of the month or early Dec). Thanks for everything, I'll see ya'll when I get home. DIY or DIE. Yeah boyee.

p.s. I got a myspace! Say whats up:

9.27.05 Pre-orders and Address change

Two quick things. You are now able to pre-order the As long as we're all living, we're all dying/The hound 7" and the Draw blood 7". Head over to the order page for more info!

Also, I forgot to put on here that I moved to a new house and (obviously) have a NEW ADDRESS. For those of you that have me on mailing lists and that sort of thing, email me for the new digits. Jonah at


9.14.05 Draw Blood, Fruit Salad and more!

This announcement was made through my email list and a few news websites, but now that I'm finally able to update this site: TDB Records has officially added two new bands to the roster!

Boston's Draw Blood have officially joined the Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records family. While originally scheduled to sign with Deathwish Inc., Draw Blood were dropped due to complications inside the band. Now that the band have a solid line-up, TDB is excited to welcome their refreshingly honest, melodic hardcore sound to the roster. The band joins the growing label's family with Tides, As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying, The Hound, and Old Sarum. A 7" entitled "Rowdyism", containing four brand new songs will be released in October and the band are considering a US tour this winter and a tentative European tour next year. A new website is also in the works and will be up at www.DRAWBLOODLIVES.COM in the coming weeks.

You can hear a brand new track from the upcoming Draw Blood 7" here: Hey Neighbor

Also joining TDB are Boston's anarchist thrash kings, Fruit Salad. The band are fresh off their "Punx on the loose" tour where they traveled the nation for a month and a half in a silver school bus powered by vegetable oil. Now that they're back home, Fruit Salad are pumped to get into the studio and record some new jams. The band is planning to head out to Dead Air Studio in Western MA to record 7 or 8 songs for a 7" to be released on Teenage Disco Bloodbath this fall.

In other news the As long as we're all living, we're all dying/The Hound split 7" has finally been sent off to the plant. We're all crossing our fingers that the records will be finished in time for the show with Ed Gein, Achilles, and Disappearer, September 24th at the Mass College of Art.

Label news aside, I don't have internet right now at my house which is why I haven't updated this site in a while. As soon as I get access at home I'm going to ad both new bands to the "band" section along with audio and video for everyone! (at least whatever I can dig up)

8.8.05 Literacy Fest - The last shows at the library!

As some of you may know I live at a show space called The Library in Allston, MA. We are closing our doors and to celebrate the last year of shows we're hosting Literacy Fest, a 3 day diy music festival.
The bands playing include Today is the day, Ed gein, Backstabbers Inc., Animosity, Fruit salad, As long as we're all living we're all dying, Shanghai valentine, The body, , Unholy trinity, Terminal youth, Disaster strikes, The heuristic and more! Click here for more info: Literacy Fest

7.10.05 As long as we're all living, we're all dying VS. The hound

As summer kicks into full swing TDB is gearing for its 5th release! The As long as we're all living, we're all dying Vs. The hound split 7" was mastered just the other day by Nick Zampiello (The red chord, Isis, Keelhaul etc..) and he definetly turned up the brutal. You can hear two of the brand new tracks (one by each band) on the re upvamped "bands" page. The masters will hopefull be sent to the press within the next couple weeks and we'll see a record before the end of the summer. A record release is in the works for September.

Speaking of As long as we're all living, we're all dying, the first press of the self titled 7" is almost sold out! I'm honestly not sure if I'm going to get it re-pressed or not, so if you have any interest in this band, act now or feel like a sucker when you shell out $20 for it on ebay, haha.

Lastly and on a personal note, I'm drumming for the band Backstabbers Inc. now. If any of ya'll come to Hellfest this year make sure to say whats up!

6.14.05 More reviews, more shows

I guess all the piles of money I've been mailing out with review copies has been paying off cause the great reviews just keep pouring in for Tides "Resurface" and the As long as we're all living, we're all dying 7"! In the last couple weeks wrote a great Tides review and a glowing ALAWALWAD review. Hanging Like a Hex zine recently wrote that the As long as we're all living, we're all dying 7" was a "pretty awesome release" and added "I bet these kids are a hoot live.". Finally Heart Attack zine weighed in in the latest issue (#46) by calling the 7" "Intense hardcore from this amazing two-piece. Intelligent and heartfelt..." Fuck yeah!

It makes me really really psyched knowing that other people are starting to appreciate the music I'm putting out. I don't have much money for placing ads in magazines so these reviews are my best bet for getting the word out. Thanks reviewers!

As always, I have some really solid shows coming up including bands like Purity's Failure, Engineer, Poser Disposer, Hot Cross, Anodyne, Off Minor, Flowers in the Attic and of course Tides and As long as we're all living, we're all dying. Click on shows to find out when and

5.19.05 Tides working on June tour + more great press! Also, shows.

The Tides reviews just keep rolling in. "Resurface" has gotten mentions in the new Maximum Rock 'n Roll, the new Rock Sound (click here to read), and on the new Boston Phoenix Blog (click here to read)

The June Tides tour is coming along slowly but steadily, however, we need help in the following states: NJ, DC, VA, OH, PA - If you think you can help in any way with getting a show in those places, please don't hesitate to contact me! Booking at

In closing, I got a bunch of rad shows coming up so head over to the "Shows" section of this site and peep the haps.

4.19.05 Tides CD in stores/As long as we're all living, we're all dying back from tour

The Tides CD is selling faster then I ever imagined and you can now get it at a number of great independent record stores around the east coast (and one on the west!). For a band that hasn't had a chance to play out a ton in support of their new CD, a surprising number of people are catching on. A large part of this is due to some GREAT reviews coming in. is totally backing “Resurface” and offering much support. You can read their review Here. Tides also received a really good review on which you can read Here. In this order: read those reviews, buy the CD, thank the reviewers.

On the ALAWALWAD front, we're home from tour! Actually, I take that back, we're home from our road trip. Long story short, shit was pretty rocky and a bunch of shows had to be canceled so most of the week was spent driving to different states and hanging out. We did however manage to make it to a small handful of the shows and have a great time. A full post-”tour” update will be posted on as soon as I have time to type it up.

After a huge number of frantic calls to Fed Ex, the pressing plant, and my roommates, I finally was able to track down the first package (of many to come) containing “Resurface” on the evening of Friday the 25th.

And just like that, with a crushing thud, the Tides CD dropped last Friday at their record release show at the Coolidge Corner Theater. The boys in this upstate NY threesome rocked their way through a 30-minute set to give the almost sold out crowd a taste of the 6 tracks contained on “Resurface” - the bands new full length.

I seriously think this band is going to be huge, and I wouldn't bullshit. The CD is amazing, the artwork is top notch, and the live show ties it all together. Order the CD ASAP, and look out for tour dates for this June with Tides and As long as we're all living, we're all dying.

Welcome to the brand new This site has been a long time coming as the last one was pretty ugly.

The As long as we're all living, we're all dying record is finally out. We have been rocking out in basements around new england for over 2 years now and this is our first release, 4 tracks of heavy heavy hardcore/metal pressed to red wax.

On the record release tip, the upstate NY band Tides are going to be joining the modest TDB roster when I put out their debut full length this winter. This band makes my skin tingle whenever I see them and I can't wait to share their music with all of you. The CD release for them is February 25th @ The Coolidge theater. Its going to rule. Get psyched.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think of the new site: jonah@



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