Literacy Fest - August 27th, 28th, 2005
The last shows at Allston's The Library

[Click here for the Literacy Fest line up and info]

This was most likely the most insane stress filled weekend of my life. That said, I had a great time, and every single band fucking killed. There were the surprises like Grim Aria and Withered that had never played here before, but plugged in and shredded, and there were the bands we all know and love like Shanghai Valentine and Bread and Roses who won the crowd over as they always do.

Some of you may have noticed microphones sticking out of the ceiling, or at least me running around with a video camera. We recorded audio and video for %90 of the fest and may attempt to put together a DVD sometime in the future, depending mostly on how the quality of everything came out, and how much more time and money I feel like sinking into this. For those that can't wait for the possible dvd, there are AMAZING pictures of the entire fest taken by Reverend Aaron, on

Dacey from Repeat Press ( made some fucking sick posters, most of which were sold on the first day. There are still a few left which he will be selling on his web site (I assume) and at the next punk rock flea market (

I need to send a HUUUUGE thanks to all my librarian staffers who ran the door, helped with sound, cleaned, grilled and kept an eye out for hooligans. Jeff, Meg, Joseph, Lawrence, Caroline, Andrew, Tommy, Mike, Devin, Nip, Chris, other Chris and everyone else that showed up early and helped make this happen all fucking rule. Thanks to all the bands that traveled to be here, everyone that brought food for the grills, and the random dude in NH that lent me the launch ramp and rail for skating. Thanks to the Boston PD for not arresting me and leaving the Library one of the only Boston diy venues to never have a show shut down.

After all was said and done, the following bands made up literacy fest: Ed Gein Backstabbers Inc. Bread and Roses Unholy Trinity Aganihm The Hound Animosity Heuristic Raising Kubrick Wasteland Grim Aria Youth Liberation Front Infantile Prostitute Today Is The Day Locked in a Vacancy As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying Disaster Strikes Fruit Salad Terminal Youth Withered The Body Draw Blood Shanghai Valentine BSOM Ape Shit Proteus and Nine Was The Number Of Sea-Huge Monsters That Ive Slain

Please support all of these bands in the future.

Its been a good run! R.I.P. Library...