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Teenage Disco Bloodbath Releases:
TDB 015: COCTOPUS - 12 INCHES OF 12" $7.50
When skate thrash titans Bones Brigade, and Misfits-worshiping punks Shanghai Valentine broke up, something was already brewing in the steamy waters of Boston Harbor. Two members from each band have come together to form Coctopus, a troup that sonically embodies two decades worth of rock history. Ripping guitar solos, epic harmonies, wah wah-ed bass lines, and raging drum-fills bubble to the surface on Coctopus’ debut record. Fans of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Jimmy Hendrix should all take note. The musical virtuosity this band displays is only rivaled by the pure balls-out rock they create.

The new record, entitled “12 Inches of…” is a one sided LP with an etching on the B side.
Mp3: All My Lizzy
Mp3: Stone Wolf Man

A bit of a departure, TDB Record’s newest act Hats and Glasses play a brand of jangly indie rock that is as eclectic as it is nostalgic. Recalling the harmonies of The Beatles and the raw stomp of The Ramones, all three members of the band pull their weight sharing lead vocal duties. Add to the mix foot tapping drum patterns, poppy guitar jabs, off-kilter keyboard runs, distorted bass and these Bostonians end up with music that is refreshingly memorable and dancey.

“Boston’s Hats and Glasses [are] a threesome for whom the description “unique” is more than just a lazy adjective. ...Still, their greatest strength [is] the spectacle that is Elliott Chaffee. ...A flawless vocalist, keyboardist and drummer, he exhausted the potential of all three roles — simultaneously. Hats and Glasses is, of course, more than a carnival act. It’s a serious band with a heart for exploration. It not only flirts with cacophony, it embraces it.” – Performer Magazine

This record comes on thick clear vinyl housed inside a 4 color hand silk screened cover.

TDB 013: PERTH EXPRESS - Discography CD $10

Following in the path of bands like His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Mastodon, and Baroness, Perth Express step the genre of down-tuned hardcore driven metal up to a new level of intensity and songwriting. This discography CD features the German band’s 12”, 10”, 7” and demo, all of which were previously unreleased in the States. The 23-track monster of a record is housed in a black recycled cardboard case with a hand silk-screened gold ink interior and folded insert. Without any exaggeration I can say this is without a doubt one of the most powerful and memorable metal/hardcore records released in the last decade.

Pressing Info: 2000 CD's
Mp3: Less Than A Second

Mp3: After Many A Summer Dies The Swan

TDB 012: RAMMING SPEED - "Full Speed Ahead" 7" $5

Ramming Speed play an amalgam of 80's Anthrax-style thrash metal, grind, and crusty hardcore. These party animals will wolf a pizza, down a 30 rack, and still shred some of the sickest solos this side of San Fransisco Bay. This is the bands debut 7” and the line up contains 4/5ths of Despotic Robot and Jonah from Backstabbers Inc/TDB.

Pressing Info: 500 Records (Half black half clear red), 50 test presses sold on tour
Pizza Party

Mp3: Bogus Facade

TDB 011: DIE YOUNG (TX)- "Graven Images" 12" $11
Take the enraged socio-political perspective of TRIAL, the bloodthirsty sonic assault of and INTEGRITY, and top it off with the suicidal determination of BLACK FLAG. The end result is Texas's hardest working hardcore band. DIE YOUNG (TX) have made it a point to not only tour the US constantly, but also touch the farther corners of the world. The band has packed DIY shows all across North America (Canada and Alaska included), as well as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. The new record honestly sounds something like a fire-breathing Brian Catharsis fronting Integrity, which rules.

“The essential hardcore records of the year” -

Pressing Info:
700 records on white with blue splatter, 300 records on clear blue with white splatter. 5 test presses.
Mp3: To Forget Civilization

TDB 010: NO IDOLS- "Low (Swing the Pyramid Hands)" 12" $10
At the cross roads of Botch, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Cursed, No Idols are playing dice and melting faces with an absolutely monstrous dose of creative and original sounding hardcore. These Syracuse bruisers feature Ryan Canavan (ex-The Funeral) on vocals and have been stomping around the US since 04, touring alongside the likes of Lords, Ruiner, and Burial Year.

“A twenty-two minute blast of absolutely unrelenting ferocity, the band just does not know how to quit” -

Pressing Info: 450 records on clear orange with white splatter, 150 records on clear with white, red and yellow splatter. 5 test presses.

Mp3: Belief

TDB 009: FRUIT SALAD - "Blood Power" 7" $4
Fruit Salad are everything that is awesome about raw DIY hardcore punk. One listen to their upcoming record and you wont stop thinking about summer time basement shows, cold 40’s of Old English and skateboarding. Fans of Charles Bronson and Blood for Blood should hang out more often, and when they do, this should be the sound track.

Pressing Info: 530 records on slime green vinyl, 2 color silk screened covers designed and printed by Gunsho.

Mp3: Not Fit For Nothing

TDB 008: TIDES - "From Silence" CD EP $8
"Tides here, like on Resurface, display a tempered determination not uncommon to the more pensive tendencies of Isis or Pelican and manage to unfurl moments that bring recent Boris material, along with some Mogwai and even Anodyne, to mindcomparisons that highlight how interpretive From Silence can be. The evocative artwork (down to Tides beautifully non-traditional logo) packages appropriately.

Although this EP might be relegated to chill time in the average heads rotation, heres to hoping it lands within earshot of those who still reserve all space for deft artistic sensibilities and great fucking songwriting." -Metal Maniacs

"earthshaking riffs that shift back and forth between calm tranquility and seismic disturbance"

"9/10" -Unrestrained

Pressing Info:
Full color 4 pannel booklet in jewel case. 1100 pressed. 3 tracks, 20 minutes.

Mp3: The Site
(Hosted by OTD)

TDB 007: DRAW BLOOD - "Rowdyism" 7" $4
In an effort to breathe fresh air into a scene seemingly content with its own zombification, Draw Blood are offering more than regurgitated clichés from the notebooks of the lowest common denominator; nor are they content selling the same old stories of backstabbing friends and broken relationships. This band is unafraid to tackle larger issues that many are hesitant to take a stand on, delivering an infectiously anthemic, but pointed social commentary over rhythms that are classically hardcore.

Pressing Info: 800 pressed, 400 on red, 300 on yellow. 15 or 20 test presses.
Draw Blood - Hey Neighbor

As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying:
"... the playing is tight, the writing is strong, and the recording is
incredibly efficient...goes from thrash to ripping grindcore to modern
sounding metalcore riffing that's ever so faintly Swedish.. I'll be looking
forward to hearing more from these two. For a young band they're quite
talented..." Aversion

The Hound:
"We've been anxiously awaiting some music from the Hound for a good long
while. We sent our boy Will Spitz to scope them out first, as a precaution.
He came back with his spine in knots and it took us a week to pry his jaw
out of his bootstraps. Call the chiropractor 'cuz the Hound will be
twisting backbones and dislodging platelets" The Boston Phoenix

Pressing Info: 4 or 5 temp. covers exist, some with spelling errors (hah!). The final covers were letter pressed silver ink on black paper. 600 records on clear and around 50 test presses were hand numbered and sold on tour.

The Hound - Big Sky Country
As long as we're all living, we're all dying - Fatigue

TDB 005: TIDES - "Resurface" CD $10

"a firm favorite on the rock sound stereo...what an impressive piece of wreckage!" Rocksound Magazine (UK)

"this young band has all the pieces to elbow their way into the crowd of Isis, Pelican and Neurosis with an air of confidence and the musical ability to match...deserves your undivided active listening skills."

"triumphantly epic instru-metal" The Boston Phoenix

Pressing Info: Chipboard digi-pack case. 6 Tracks and over 50 minutes. First pressing of 1000 is sold out. Second pressing has top spine and front cover stickers and a track listing on the back cover, also in a run of 1000.
Mp3: Resurface

"...interpreted in such an energetic and cutthroat fashion that you HAVE to love it... Sometimes dark and brooding like His Hero Is Gone, sometimes contemplative like Shai Hulud, always ruthless, tortured and maniacal with just a tiny smidgen of Eucharist/ At The Gates for good measure." -Metal

Pressing Info:
Pressing of 400 on red vinyl. SOLD OUT.
Came with bonus CD containing the 4 vinyl songs + 5 live tracks
Premonitions, Burn Allston to the fucking ground

TDB 003: Raise The Curtain/Old Sarum split 12"
Silk screened covers, 400 records on white and gray swirl

Mp3s: Old Sarum, Raise The Curtain

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